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The hearing aid that breaks a law of physics

Oticon have recently launched their new Oticon Opn S, their second-generation hearing aid offering improvements on the original popular Oticon Opn hearing aids released in 2016. The Oticon Opn S builds on Oticons goal to enable people with hearing loss to understand speech, even in noisy environments, “on par with people with normal hearing”.

The new Oticon Opn S sound processing platform is promised to offer ground-breaking improvements over the Opn hearing aids, promising to deliver*:

  • 15% improvement in speech understanding
  • 10% reduction in listening effort
  • 10% increase in memory recall

*when compared to the original Opn hearing aids.

In addition, Oticon say that the new Opn S hearing aids will feature dramatically improved feedback cancelling and a new OpenSound Booster in the Oticon On app, allowing wears to boost their hearing support via their Android or iPhone app when they need it.

Oticon say this is a hearing aid that will help you break free of restrictions and join the conversation in challenging listening environments.

Oticon Opn S 360 Sound Experience

A 360° sound experience

The Oticon Opn S differs from most existing hearing aids in the way that it copes with noisy environments. Traditionally, hearing devices focused on one speaker at a time, whereas the Oticon Opn S gives you access to all of the sounds around you and gives you more control over what you want to focus on.

What does this mean? This means that less cognitive effort is required to understand speech, even when compared to the first-generation Oticon Opn hearing aids. This lets you join in and keep up with conversations even in really challenging listening environments, such as a noisy restaurant or dinner party.

 Oticon Opn S Brain Hearing

You hear with your brain

You don’t hear with your ears, you hear with your brain. That’s why you need hearing aids that are fast enough to keep up with the brain. BrainHearing™ technology in Oticon Opn S scans the environment 100 times per second, giving constant access to 360° sounds to support the way your brain naturally makes sense of sound.  This is really important for reducing the cognitive load on the brain when listening, particularly in noisy environments, and contributes to a better over-all cognitive well-being and quality of life.

Oticon Opn S gives you BrainHearing benefits*:

  • Reduces your listening effort
  • Helps you remember more of what is being said
  • Gives you better speech understanding
  • Improves your ability to follow conversations with multiple speakers


Oticon Opn S

Closing a gap to normal hearing

Oticon have some studies showing that Oticon Opn S users can experience speech understanding at the same level as people with normal hearing in noisy environments.


Feedback cancelling

The new Oticon Opn S is promised to provide better feedback cancelling than the first generation Opn, promising to stop feedback before it even occurs.

What is feedback? Feedback is a noise that occurs when sounds from your hearing aids escape and are re-amplified by the hearing aid, such as when you put a phone to your ear or give someone a hug. It often sounds like an annoying whistle or static noise and it has previously been quite a difficult problem to address.

Oticon Opn S

Boost the Opn S™ performance with connectivity and the Oticon ON App

Oticon Opn S™ is more than a hearing aid.  Utilising existing hearing technology from Oticon, it is easier than ever to connect your hearing aids to your favourite devices.

Oticon ConnectClip headset with bluetooth microphone allows you to enjoy hands-free phone calls with iPhone®, Android™ or any other modern smartphone. Your hearing aids also become high-quality, wireless headphones, so you can stream music directly from iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®.

Opn S™ is fully compatible with the Oticon ON App which lets you control your hearing aids by adjusting the volume and programme with the tap of a finger. The app makes use of an almost limitless range of if-this-then-that (IFTTT) connectivity options, and gives access to a number of exciting functionalities:

Extra help when needed

With the new OpenSound Booster function in the Oticon ON App you can give your hearing aids an extra boost. A significant advantage if you’re in a situation where you need more help to understand speech better.


Hearing keeps you fit

HearingFitness™ is a recent feature in the Oticon ON App. It helps you take greater control of your hearing by showing what you can do to improve it.

Oticon Opn S

Connect to the Internet of Things

At IFTTT.com, you can easily make your own intelligent connections. For example, your hearing aids can let you know when you receive a text message, when your battery is low, or when someone rings your doorbell.


Try Oticon Opn S for yourself

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