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RBL Urges Veterans With Hearing Loss Or Tinnitus To Seek Help

The Royal British Legion is seeking veterans with hearing loss to help assist with the cost of their treatment
UK Veterans Hearing Solutions

With Deaf Awareness Week now upon us, the Royal British Legion (RBL) is calling on those within the UK’s veteran community suffering with hearing loss to come forward to receive treatment.

In 2015 the RBL received £10 million of LIBOR funding to set up the Veterans Hearing Fund (VHF). The fund provides grants for pioneering treatment and state of the art hearing aids.

To date, approximately 1,700 veterans have received £6 million pounds to fund hearing aids or specialist treatment.

The RBL is also keen to hear from those suffering with tinnitus, as the Veterans Hearing Fund is able to assist with funding for various different tinnitus therapies such as desensitisation and the LEVO system.

In total, the RBL have received more than 5,000 applications from veterans, which are currently being processed.

Figures reveal around 300,000 former UK service personnel are living with some form of hearing loss.

Those wishing to apply are requested to visit the RBL webpage here and to read through the criteria.


At Hearing Logic we will be happy to assist you with your application and to find the perfect hearing solution to suit your specific hearing needs.