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It’s time to take action


Every three minutes, someone in the UK develops dementia. This means almost all of us knows someone affected by dementia – a family member, customer or member of staff, – and it doesn’t just affect old people. But too many people living with dementia report feeling cut off from their community, losing their friendships and facing the condition alone. Having dementia shouldn’t mean an isolated life. And it doesn’t have to. The actions from all of us can create supportive communities, where people living with the condition can continue to socialise with others, hop on the bus, go to their favourite shops or take part in local activities for as long as possible.


We all have a role to play in making the UK a dementia-friendly place to live and that’s what Dementia Action Week is all about. From putting on your own event, to displaying our posters around your local area – there are actions big and small we can all do during the Week that will make your community a more inclusive place for people affected by dementia.
Dementia Action Week


Get involved in the Week


Use your social media to show your support by tagging us in and using the hashtags #DAW2019 and #UnitedAgainstDementia


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Many people with dementia also have depression, although often it is not recognised or treated. The person may withdraw from activities and relationships, and generally lose their confidence. It is easy for others then to think these changes are caused by dementia, rather than realising that the person is depressed as well. In common with other older people, many people with dementia also have hearing loss. Some of them will have been deaf from an early age. The difficulties which are part of dementia are made much worse when the person cannot hear properly. Our response to this situation will have a huge effect on how they feel and what they are able to do.


What is the link between hearing loss and dementia?


Over the last few years, there is growing evidence of a link between dementia/cognition and hearing loss. Hearing loss and dementia are linked with ageing and often occur together as we get older – the majority of people with dementia are over 70 and nearly three quarters of people over 70 have hearing loss. There is strong evidence that mild hearing loss doubles the risk of developing dementia, with moderate hearing loss leading to three times the risk, and severe hearing loss five times the risk. Hearing loss can be misdiagnosed as dementia or make the symptoms of dementia appear worse.



Hearing Logic recommends that you get your hearing tested and, if you have a hearing loss, to get hearing aids, as the evidence suggests that they can help reduce the risk of dementia and its impact.