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You may have chosen not to prioritise your hearing health in the past or not realised the importance of regular hearing checks with a qualified professional.

Just like visiting the dentist, checking your car tyres or getting your hair cut; regular maintenance of your wellbeing and health is important for quality of life. When you hear well, you live well and that can have a positive effect on your quality of life and also that of the people around you too.

If you suspect you may have hearing loss or that your hearing isn’t quite what it used to be, it is important to get it checked and then you can be made aware of all of the options available to you by a professional such as Peter at Hearing Logic. This may not involve hearing aids as a solution but just regular checks or even safe and effective ear wax removal. There may be no action to be taken at all, in which case, your hearing professional will tell you and keep an eye on your hearing for you, in the future.

If left untreated, hearing loss can start to affect your quality of life, make you more tired and less active. Most highly qualified hearing professionals will prioritise your wellbeing and lifestyle needs when treating your hearing loss and this will then enable you to live your life to the full again!

Hearing loss can creep up on us over time, some people start to develop coping mechanisms and fool themselves in to thinking that things are okay with their hearing or that they are at least improving. The reality is often that these coping mechanisms can mask further degradation of hearing meaning that more extensive treatment is required, further down the line.

The earlier you take action with your hearing the better the immediate outcome for your lifestyle. A coping mechanism for hearing loss might be turning the TV or radio up, putting on subtitles to a film, saying pardon, blaming others for speaking softly/ mumbling or simply stopping attending social activities.

If your hearing test shows that your hearing is normal you can go back to not worrying and maximising your daily life. It is still important to get your hearing checked regularly though so that you can live life to the full and rest assured you are in the best health possible.

Hearing loss has often been linked with cognitive decline and there is evidence to show that treating hearing loss with the use of hearing aids can positively affect the rate at which mental agility changes. What better way to stay younger and less tired than to get some support for your hearing!
If you are still working, investing in your hearing health by using hearing aids can actually improve your working day by making you less lethargic, improving relationships with colleagues and increasing earning power.

If you have been thinking about getting a hearing test or suspect that you might just have a build up of ear wax, get in touch with Peter and our helpful team today and we will support you through all of your hearing needs.