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Hearing Aids

As an independent practice, we are able to offer a wide choice of hearing aids to suit all budgets, including the 'in ear' hearing aids.

A variety of options to enhance any lifestyle

Thanks to significant advances in hearing aid technology, we now offer a choice of hearing loss solutions to enhance your lifestyle and suit any budget.

Working with the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, our innovative range comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. We will explain the features and benefits of each, and will be able to advise on the best options for you, depending on the level of hearing loss you are experiencing.

Have you seen our behind-the-ear Oticon Opn hearing aids?

Oticon Opn™ are the only hearing aids that give you constant access to 360-degree sound. They reduce noise very effectively, so they can send refined sound into your ear canals

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ITE hearing aids are suitable for most types of hearing losses. They are usually small like an ear tip and sit in the outer portion of the ear canal. Depending on the size of the ear canal an in the ear hearing aid may be relatively discreet.

When you are fitted for an ITE, the shell of the hearing aid is custom-made to fit the shape of your ear. This shell contains all vital electronics and is great for people on-the-go who need their hearing aids to stay in place. The batteries are inserted via a battery door located directly on the hearing aid. They can be easily removed with a small magnetic wand.

We have a style to suit you

Would you prefer tiny and invisible hearing aids or ones that are very easy-to-handle? And is connectivity important? Hearing Logic has an in-the-ear hearing aid to meet your needs.

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RIC hearing aids are due to their effectiveness and the ease of wearing have made them one of the most popular types of hearing aids. Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hearing aids are also sometimes called Receiver-in-Ear hearing aids (RIE).

RIC or BTE hearing aids?

The difference between Behind-the-Ear (BTE) and RIC hearing aids is that on RIC/RIE the receiver sits directly in your ear, while BTE hearing aids have the receiver built into the part that sits behind the ear.

Want to see invisible Oticon Opn hearing aids?

You can wear Oticon Opn hearing aids during most everyday activities – they’re designed to be very robust and reliable.

Discover in-the-ear hearing aids

Behind the ear (BTE)

The Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids provide the most amplification making it the preferred solution for users with severe-to-profound hearing loss. 

What are BTE hearing aids?

BTE hearing aids are hearing aids you wear outside of your outer ear. A small tube then routes the sound down into your ear canal. BTE hearing aids are available in many sizes, shapes and colour options. You can choose one that matches your skin tone or hair colour.